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About the Children's Home

St. Anthony’s Home for the children was founded in 1952 by the late Rev. Mother Scholastica of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart. She found some of the poor children dying on the roadside. It flashed in her mind that she should start a home for the destitute children.Her dream came true and St.Anthony’s Children’s home was born. It has celebrated 50 golden years and has housed thousands of poor and abandoned children.

St.Anthony’s home is located in a small town called Nagercoil in the southern tip of India. Today 180 children (girls and boys) are cared for in the children’s home. Sr.Ann and Sr.Mary have dedicated their lives in caring for the children and providing them with a safe, happy and healthy home where children feel quite at home and enjoy the love and care of the sisters and the other children. Rev. Fr.Vincent and Mrs.Immaculate Philip are 2 other important people who are very involved with the children’s home and help them in various aspects.

Sustained funding only supports food, clothing and medical expenses for 47 children. The rest depend on the generosity of benefactors. A few of the children are educated in local schools and colleges, or taught vocational skills such as tailoring, nursing, or basket weaving. There is great need for financial help to educate all the children until they are able to find employment and earn a living.

The sisters and the children strongly believe that the Lord provides through generous souls who still care for the needy and the poor like you. They thank you wholeheartedly and remember you in their prayers.